My project for our Mother Sea
Aquaculture is the fastest growing food sector, but needs to become sustainable. My project to achieve this comes down to the development of a huge and healthy marine protein source on high seas, able to substitute the wild forage fish caught today for noble fish farming. (more...)
My Vision about the High Seas
My opinion is, that in a very close future, food for us will become the world’s first challenge. Not gold nor diamonds, not oil nor gas, not rare earth elements nor private data, just food for all of us. Driven by hunger, each of us is able to steal and to fight. Food sufficiency for all is the first guarantee of peace. (more...)
My dream of a just Half World.
The high seas area beyond EEZ, which has been declared Common Heritage of Humanity in 1982, covers half of the world ! About to be ruled by UNO in the next years, this space should really benefit to everybody on earth, and not only to hegemonic nations or world companies, who have the capacity to uphold their interests and plunder the riches. (more...)
What you can do to move the CommonSeaGood forward
I want to address myself to all sea lovers, even those who haven’t yet noticed they are. Really, you need to cherish the sea, because it is our last chance to survive on this planet, to produce enough food for all of us and so to be able to live in peace. (more...)
Contact me if you feel concerned
By email or with the contact form. Sorry, but you will not find me on any social network. (touch here)